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Visit Prado Museum


Wednesday 31 May:

Two of the world’s premier art museums are in Madrid, so a visit to the Prado or Reina Sofia (home of Picasso’s Guernica) is simply a must. The Prado is free after 6 pm, and you must enter by 7:30 pm; you can stay in the galleries until 8:00 pm. The Reina Sofia is free after 7:00 pm, and is open until 9:00 pm. Members of the conference organizing committee will help guide you to the museums from the conference venue. If you want to visit the Prado before 6 pm, we advise you to save time and avoid the queue by buying tickets ahead of time at

Thursday 1 June:

A gala conference banquet will be held at a restaurant near the conference venue. This is optional, and will cost 50 Euros (including wine).


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